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Sales Success Fundamentals 

The overall purpose of this training is to provide loan originators with a foundation of how to sell products through an online process while decreasing the time required for them to become productive and increasing the chance that they will be successful.  Sales Success Fundamentals is a series of topics that can be held as stand-alone workshops or put together as one workshop.  One can lead into another or they can be utilized separately.    With the increase in applicants searching for mortgage lenders online, originators must learn how to quickly build rapport and secure the transaction to build their business in 2018.

Session One:  The Agenda Call

In this session we will lay the foundation of great customer service and sales skills.  We will begin with a discovery phase of what originators are currently doing, where they are challenged and where they see their successes.  Then we move into conducting successful conversations with the borrower which is called “the agenda call”. 

 Session Two: Pipeline and Time Management

Best practices will be established and goals and timelines will be created to help originators manage their pipeline and time in the most effective and efficient manner.  

Session Three: Excellence in Service

This session will set excellence in service standards, processes, procedures and expectations and will be delivered as the benchmark to meet and exceed all customers’ expectations. 

Advertising for the New Generation

According to new research, not all millennials are "hyper-connected optimistic digital extroverts." In fact, the stereotype applies to only about 42% of millennials.  So, how do you reach this new homebuyer generation?  It’s more than just engaging in technology and social media.  It’s about being the resource and connected in the community.  It’s about education and information, especially on the internet…that is what this generation is looking for.  They want to know upfront; what loan programs are available, down payment assistance and how to leverage their money.  It’s not just about placing an ad on Facebook or LinkedIn…it’s about strategy and positioning.  It’s about working with the right partnerships in the right niches and it’s about leveraging your expertise and getting noticed in your community.  Join us for an informative session where we will share tips, tools and strategies that can position you to be the expert in this growing market. 

Sales Strategies 

Goals are the guiding light, the bulls-eye to focus on, to set your sights at.  It is also not merely enough to write down your goals. You must also have a plan reach those goals.

This session will work on building a plan for successful goal setting. In order to understand the importance of setting goals we begin by looking at the top reasons people do not achieve their goals:

1.            Fail to write down goals and post them in plain view

2.            Fail to make a plan to achieve goals

3.            Fail to commit or live up to commitments made

4.            Fail to make goals that were achievable in the first place

Death before Speaking.  Gain valuable tricks and tips to help you always feel…well, almost always feel more comfortable speaking 

If you fear speaking in public more than riding an escalator, you're certainly not alone. Even when you consider that public speaking is feared more often than death, speech anxiety is certainly on a lot of hit lists of things people would rather not do. But how can you overcome this fear…or more importantly become better at speaking in public. If you want to use speaking and training as a means to grow your business, then this session is for you.

In this session we will learn ways to conquer that stage fright.  We will share more than 20 hands-on exercises to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

 Becoming the Rainmaker - Mortgage Marketing 2.0

In this session we will review the newest and latest technologies and systems that will help you increase your business and streamline your time management.  Will cover using videos, social media, effectively follow up systems as well as how to build a compliant and effective marketing campaigns? 


Whether you are selling for a title company, mortgage insurance company, a wholesale lender, broker or banker it all begins with purpose.

A salesperson accomplishes very little on their own. To be able to complete a transaction, a salesperson must successfully build a client base of people who believe, trust and are motivated to make a purchase from them.  They must also be able to build that trust to the level of what is called transferred trust so that referrals are made.  In short…they must attract believers.

In order to attract believers, a salesperson must know what they believe about themselves.  They must also believe in the value that they and their company creates for its customers.

 Leadership Workshops


How can you get your company in the game of engagement, interaction and automation?  Customer engagement, retention and loyalty are paramount to successful business today.  Keeping your employees and your customers engaged is critical, especially as competition increases.  So, how do you get your employees and customers engaged???? Gamification!  We are not talking about creating a new video game and putting on your website; instead we are talking about the art of engaging, rewarding and interacting.  In this session we will explore this exploding industry and look at simple ways to add gamification to your website, brand and programs.  Gamification allows companies to succeed both internally and externally.

 Building Lasting Influence for a Positive Sales Environment

Build a positive and lasting environment for your sales team.  In this workshop we will create a foundation for a positive environment to provide lasting influence.    This workshop is about translating what we know into positive and productive habits to produce impactful sales results. 

It is about developing habits and behavior.

 Workplace Menternships Programs

Face it, we know we are an aging industry; in fact the NMLS says the average age of a Loan Officer is 53.  The question is, what are we doing to change that?  Join industry experts as they share information on how to create an effective mentorship program within your organization.  College recruiting, “menternship” programs and training are just a few of the discussion items in this action packed session.  You will walk away with some very easy steps to introduce into your business to start adding new talent to your workforce.

 Diversity in Lending

In the near future, 50% of the nation’s homeownership is going to happen in the minority markets.  The American Dream, to own your own home, is embraced by more people, from more backgrounds, than ever before and yet real challenges remain for many Americans, especially first-time homebuyers, the self-employed, and new Americans, to access credit. To serve our diverse customers, we must begin by creating awareness and education.  Join us as we dive into a discussion on creating diversity in lending programs to make a difference in 2018.

 Re-invent and Re-engineer – Roundtable Discussion

Customer behavior and decision making processes have evolved and created an environment of increasingly sophisticated buyers. Traditional sales and compliance processes are coming up short with all the changes in the market.

This roundtable workshop explores how to successfully re-invent and re-engineer your business, compliance, sales and marketing plan to keep up and get ahead of the changing lending environment.

This event will be an interactive Roundtable Workshop, lead by Ginger Bell, is designed to help Mortgage Owners and Principals improve their business strategies and tactics.

Topic Based Roundtable Discussion: We recognize that business owners and principals see tremendous value in meeting others who are faced with similar business challenges. At this workshop we are hosting a topic based roundtable to provide you with the opportunity to hear from your peers and to share what has worked for you in solving particular challenges and share best practices. Please join us for this special focus group to share and learn from your peers and professionals in the industry. 

Below is a list of topics to consider for your next event or webinar. 

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Ginger Bell is a three times best-selling author of “Cracking the Success Code”, and “Success Today”, books she co-authored with Brian Tracy and "Success Breakthroughs", with Jack Canfield. She has been featured as a mortgage banking expert on media outlets like National Mortgage Professionals Magazine, Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Compliance Magazine.

A Dale Carnegie Training Consultant, Ginger is experienced in regulatory compliance, sales and leadership training.  She is also proficient with instructional design, instructional systems development, leadership assessment, design and development, training administration, project management and online training development.  

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